Saturday, 21 February 2015

                        Welcome to Week 4 Whanau
                                 Homework Week 4

- 10 minutes per night reading (book of choice)
- IXL Maths online (20 minutes per week) Firebirds (Year 4 Q1, Q3, Q7 ) Stags (Year 6/7 K.1, K.5, K10 ) Knights ( G.3, G.5, G.10, G.20)
- Character web of your recount about someone you have interacted with e.g. nana. This is in your journal and you may get time to finish this in class. Be very though
- Respond to "School pools key to swim skills" letter to the editor from SunLive on the blog.
- Ensure that learning journal is up to date.
- Record your food intake for Monday. Be specific with measurements and brands.
- Finishing: Autobiography, ANZAC etc.

- We have discussed a consequence for students who do not meet homework deadlines and have agreed that the students who do not complete homework will do double the next week. Where students repeatedly miss deadlines they will begin to lose privileges.
- Well done to the students who completed IXL requirements last week. In particular Neo (4hr 18 min), Joe (1. 31), Kai (1. 16), Georgina (40 m), Reyanah (39 min). Brilliant effort!! Remember it is 20 mins per week. The library is available before school, interval and lunch times for those who do not have the internet.
- I will be away on a course Mon and Tues. I am disappointed that I will not be in class. Make sure your behaviour and attitude is spot on this week.
- Here is the Nigel  Latta link for the sugar documentary we watched part of in week on.

Come on the Black Caps!!!!

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