Sunday, 22 March 2015

                                                       Welcome to Week 8

- 10 minutes per night reading (book of choice)
- IXL Maths online (20 minutes per week) Your choice this week.  (Wednesday you will require a new username and password)
- Make a comment on post about plagerism (Blurred lines/ Marvin Gaye) For those who did not do it.
- Finishing: Reading tasks short stories (Due by the end of the week)

- Learning Interviews: Reminders: be on time, school uniform, do not come to school, be prepared to facilitate your interview.- Learning interviews   is the link or bring back the notice. Everybody will be at interviews so please book in a time. Our schools code is DXB7C. Scroll down to Reuben Potaka and book in a time. If you need a time after 6.00 I may need to arrange a time as I would like to get to my training if possible.
- Update for IXL last week is as follows. If you did not do 20 mins you will need to do.
- Camp: Newsletter one is out. Please return ASAP. A gear list will come out this week so you can start getting organised. 4 Weeks to go now.

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