Sunday, 1 March 2015

        Welcome to Week 5 Whanau
                                 Homework Week 5  

- 10 minutes per night reading (book of choice)
- IXL Maths online (20 minutes per week) Firebirds (Year 4 Any B questions ) Stags (Year 6/7 Any Q or B question) Knights ( G.3, G.5, G.10, G.20)
- The Old Alley piece, published in Learning Journal.
- Respond to "School pools key to swim skills" letter to the editor from SunLive on the blog.
- Ensure that learning journal is up to date. See checklist from last week and/or feedback from your journal. Things don't just disappear in room 28.

- Remember our hats. We have been slack so far and it is important we are organised for our own well being.
- Again well done to students who completed all requirements last week (See IXL table below). If you did not, I have recorded your name and your requirements are doubled e.g., 40 minutes on IXL or two comments on the blog etc.
- Make sure your are at school 100%
- Share with parents what you attained in maths and writing easstle. Parents if you would like pathways emailed to you for maths please let me know

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