Monday, 27 April 2015

Learning Intentions
- Learn the correct way to head a formal letter.
  • Use formal language that is appropriate to audience.
  • Recount one specific event (favourite!!)

Top right hand corner: Your name and address
Miss a line and then your recipients name and address (Left hand side).
Miss two lines (Date)
Miss two lines Dear ___________________,
Start first paragraph on indent


  1. General thank you, may be specific to things they did in particular. E.g help with food preparations/ light fires.
  2. Some things you learnt at camp (e.g relate to STARS), life skills, patience? team work? Explain why these things are important in life.
  3. Recount your favourite experience at camp. This is where you are able to show how well you can write in recount style.
  4. Reinforce main points and thank again.

5) Your Faithfully/ Regards

Helpers names: 1) Duncan, 2) Kay, 3) Vili, 4) Fred, 5) Cas, 6) Alex, 7) Mike, 8) Robert and Gill, 9) Shane, 10) Frikkie.

You will draft this and get a buddy to check it before I see it.

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