Sunday, 26 April 2015

Literacy task:

Read this article about the Earthquake that just hit in Nepal.

Consider also that New Zealand sits on a major fault line that may cause a massive earthquake when we least expect it. For example Christchurch.

Make a comment on the this point:

What can we do to better prepare ourselves (Consider family, friends, schools, communities) to lessen the impact that a big earthquake would have???


  1. To prepare our selves from a earth quake , it depends on what magnitude it is.Since New Zealand is close to the ocean a tsunami would be deadly.So we should have 20 - 10 feet tsunami walls made of reinforced concrete. Also evacuation zones like the mount that's pretty high.

    In an event of a earth quake, skyscrapers should be able to bend and/or be reinforced to withstand one.Houses should be reinforced, if it's too expensive than most of them should be reinforced.Earth quake drills should become more common especially in the more risky places like christchurch.City governments should have plans , like where evac & Emergency places like the red cross,Unicef and the United Nations.Also the ports & airports should become reinforced and prepared in an event of a tsunami and earth quake, as emergency supplies by airdrop or ship can get through quicker.

    People should have first aid,flash light,rations or canned food that is ready or easy to cook and eat.They should know where to go in a earthquake & go on foot because the roads & highways can become packed.

  2. some ways to prepare our selfs for a major earth quake are...all buildings,houses and more should be reinforced and checked by contractors.another is every house hold should be provided with a back up generator and Neo said above a tsunami is a series risk but instead of concrete walls why not just have sand bags on stand by.these are just some ways to prepare for an earth quake

  3. Some ways to prepare for an earth quake is to make earth quake drills in schools more common so we are prepared to move to a different location.Communities should make plans on where they would assemble in an earth quack