Sunday, 2 August 2015

                                    Speeches: Week 4/5

As speeches are rapidly approaching us it is necessary that we make a start with our speeches. Here are some topics that we discussed today.

Please start initial planning here. We will be doing more work supporting this in class.

Think of Purpose? Audience? Language? Tone? ETC

- Vaccination? Good for you?
- Social media?
- Normal vs famous life
- Government taking tax
- Homeless free food?
- John Key giving land to foreigners?
- Buses should be free
- Mufti at school?
- Boys are better than girls
- World cup should not be four years?
- 18 to get drivers license?
- Bullying
- Deadly viruses
- Transportation? The future
- Speeches
- Watches helping us improve time?
- Bikes vs cars
- Underpaid teachers
- Healthy canteens
- Is technology going in the right direction?
- Fruit and veges vs sugar and sweet
- Facebook banned?
- Pollution
- Dinosaurs- GM
- Oil and resources
- Puberty
- Population
- World hunger
- Poverty/ Slums
- Bees

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